Due to name changes due to marriage, remarriage or divorce

We only accept Passport applications from the area of ​​responsibility of IGCS Frankfurt. (Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland)

Re-issue of passport on completion of validity of current passport.
Kindly send us the following as soon as possible, without which your application cannot be processed. Once completed application in all respect including payment of prescribed fee, is received, your application will be processed immediately. A line in confirmation is highly appreciated. The processing time for complete documents from 4 up to 6 weeks. (Corona/Covid-19 crises: from 6 up to 8 weeks).

  1. Online Application Form filled Signed printed Form twice with date and place (Signature: 1x first and last page)
  2. Photo in Indian format 5 x 5 cm  (Requirement of photograph for download)
  3. Original passport
  4. Copy of Indian Passport (First & Last page) with Signature of applicant
  5. Copy of Resident Permit
  6. Copy of Meldebescheinigung from the concerned local authorities (Proof of registration). You are registered in the area of ​​responsibility of IGCS Frankfurt. (Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland)
  7. Copy of Money Transfer slip for Passport and 19,00 DHL(we are recommending DHL dispatch)
  8. Marriage certificate copy, Spouse passport copy first and last page and visa copy, photo of the wedding copy and affidavit.
  9. Change of address: The applicant should provide Adharcard copy, a document, such as a letter from an Indian bank, a copy of the ration card, the telephone bill or the electricity bill.
  10. Fees: Normal Passport Fee – Consulate 62,00 € + IGCS 13,50 € = 75,50 € + 19,00 € for DHL Dispatch = Total 94,50 €

We recommend that postal applications are only sent to us with the option to track the shipment. You can see when we received your application and after three to four working days you can check your application status on the following page.


Indian passport applications will only be completed after police clearance from India. After four to six weeks, you can check the application status on the Indian government’s website to see whether the confirmation from the Indian police has been received. Otherwise, you can report to the police in India.