OCI-Card transfer

We only accept OCI applications from the area of ​​responsibility of IGCS Frankfurt. (Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland)

The processing time for complete applications is about six to eight weeks. The information given here is based on experience and not binding commitments. If and when an OCI-Card is issued is at the sole discretion of the Indian Consulate General.

–  Mandatory requirement of re-issuance of an OCI card each time a new passport is issued to a foreigner up to 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age is dispensed with.- OCI cardholder is required to get the OCI card re-issued only once when a new passport is issued after completing 20 years of age. For this purpose, the OCI card holder should submit an online application under OCI Miscellaneous Services. 
– OCI cardholder is required to upload ONLINE a copy of the new passport and a latest photo each time a new passport is issued up to 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age. The OCI card holder can upload these documents online under OCI Miscellaneous Services. The uploading of these documents may be done within three months of receipt of the new passport. – Foreign Spouse of an Indian Citizen or spouse of foreign origin of an OCI cardholder are required to upload a copy of the new passport and also a latest photo ONLINE each time a new passport is issued along with a declaration on subsisting of marriage, copy of the Indian passport of the Indian spouse/passport & OCI card of the OCI cardholder spouse. Necessary changes/inclusion in the OCI portal to facilitate above services to OCI cardholders will made shortly.- If there is any change in personal particulars of the individual, OCI card may be renewed under OCI Misc. Services with us ( We will do the fill up and upload )- Requirement of carrying old and new passports along with the OCI card has been done away. Henceforth, the OCI card holders traveling on the strength of their existing OCI card bearing old passport numbers are not required to carry their old passport. However, carrying a new passport is mandatory.(vii) The time line for re-issuance of OCI cards in respect of OCI card holders who may require to get their OCI Cards re-issued has been extended until 31 December 2021.

All OCI applications: Once we received the documents back as incomplete from the consulate or postal Incomplete applications, we will do the the upload properly. (20,00 for upload and per print the document 1,00).

  1. Application form (to be submitted twice, original and one copy)
  2. Two identical photos in Indian format 5 x 5 cm (Requirement of photograph for download)
  3. Original OCI / PIO Card 
  4. Copy of the applicant’s new German passport or other current nationality passport signed by the applicant/ Minor with parents signature
  5. Copy of the applicant’s OCI / PIO card copy  first and last page signed by the applicant /-  Minor Below 18 – parents signature
  6. As address proof: copy of the first and back side of the ID card or city registration certificate copy
  7. For minors below 18: Birth certificate of applicant, Parents passport copy signed, OCI card copy first and last page signed, Marriage certificate copy 
  8. If you are married or give name change: Passport and OCI card first and lat page copy of spouse, marriage certificate copy and  Name change certificate copy
  9. Copy of transfer voucher (intended use: DEU No. & complete applicant first name)
  10. OCI-Transfer Fees: Consulate 26,00 € + IGCS 13,50 € + 19,00 € = 58,50 €
  11. PIO to OCI Fees: Consulate 95,00 € + IGCS 13,50 € + 19,00 € = 127,50 €

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