Data protection

The protection of our customers’ data is a special obligation for us. Below we explain our approach:

The use of personal information 
1. Due to the special circumstances that result from a visa application, the regulations on data protection are only partially feasible. As part of the visa processing, the personal data provided by the applicant for a visa application will be forwarded to the country issuing the visa. Since these countries are not members of the EU and therefore are not subject to EU directives, the EU Data Protection Regulation can not be applied to data that has been transferred to the respective country. In particular, deleting the data can not be required. Every customer must therefore be aware that the data he provides for the application of his visa to a third country, ie a non-EU state, are not covered by the EU Data Protection Regulation and therefore also the rights.

2. Other applies to the data collected by our company, such as application number, Ouittungsnummer, reference number, date of birth, etc., and processed by us in the house. These data are covered by the Data Protection Regulation and all associated rights can also be invoked against this company.

duration of the data We store your data only for the period of time required for proper order processing and for the period specified by statutory provisions.

Passing on to other service providers
We only pass on your data to other service providers to the extent necessary to fulfill our task and then only those data that are necessary for fulfillment. For example, your address, if you would like to have your passport sent by visa by post.

Your data
You have the right to have your data stored by us deleted and to request information about this data. If you have any doubts about the handling of your data in our company, please contact our data protection officer at the address below. If you have any doubts about the handling of your data in foreign representations, please contact them directly.

Data processing for inquiries
If you contact us before you submit an application, your email address will be saved in the reply to the used email program to answer your request. An additional use does not take place.
For telephone inquiries, a call number storage takes place in the telephone system, but no further data is stored, so that no assignment to personal data can take place here.

Data Processing Visa
Application To apply for a visa, you will first be directed to the website of the Government of India for visa application. The entries made there are stored on the server of the Indian Government and, as shown above, are not subject to the EU Data Protection Regulation. Exceptions to this are provided, if a court order or a corresponding legal regulation obliges us to do so.

Cookies are not used.

Right to information, revocation and cancellation Each customer has the right to prohibit the use of his data and to request their deletion this can be submitted in writing by email to

Insofar as statutory requirements require the deletion, this is done automatically. Upon written request, the customer will be informed about which data has been recorded.-

Data Security
Our company strives to fully implement the legal requirements and to ensure the security of the data. However, it is not in a position to ensure compliance with data security by the operator of the website or by the email programs used by the customer. Here the customer must be aware that an e-mail, unlike a letter, is not a means of data protection. If linked from our site to other sites, no warranty can be given for compliance with the privacy policy on these pages.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

The Data Protection Officer
Bettinastr. 52
60325 Frankfurt

as of 20.05.2018