Tourist visa

The tourist visa is issued to foreigners whose goal is to visit India, such as:-

  1. recreation
  2. Sightseeing
  3. Meet friends or relatives
  4. Participate in a short-term yoga program (may not exceed 6 months and may not be linked to qualification, certificate / diploma, etc.)
  5. Short duration for medical treatment including treatment under Indian medicine systems
  6. Short-term courses in local languages, music, dance, crafts, cooking, medicine etc., which should not be a formal or structured course / program (courses no longer than 6 months duration and not with a qualified certificate / diploma etc.)
  7. Voluntary work of short duration (at most for a period of one month, which does not involve payment in cash or any consideration in return) etc. and no other purpose / activity.

Important instructions:

  1. A tourist visa is not renewable and can not be changed. (Except under certain conditions via the FRRO or the Foreigners Commissioner FRO)
  2. Registration with FRRO / FRO is not required if you are not in India for more than 180 days at a time.
  3. Journalists wishing to apply for a tourist visa must submit their application to IGCS without first submitting their documents to the consulate. In this case, journalism visas are issued without the right to act journalistically in India.

Required Documents:

  1. Passport, valid for at least 180 days and with two free pages. Printed or already stamped pages do not count.
  2. Two identical photos in Indian format 5 x 5 cm (Requirement of photograph for download)
  3. Completed application form & additional form
  4. For German nationals with a migration background, the validity of the visa may be less than one year.
  5. German nationals with an Indian spouse or children with an Indian parent before the age of 14 apply for a entry visa .
  6. If you apply for a visa period of more than one year, we will need a copy of the bank statements from the past six months and a written statement in English.
  7. Applicants, who have not yet reached the age of 18, we need the signatures of both parents (mother and father) on the application in order to make the application valid. In addition, we require the passport copies of both parents, copy of the child’s birth certificate and a statement .
  8. Individuals of Indian origin who wish to apply for a visa need a Surrender Certifcate .
  9. Applicants who are under the age of 18 with an Indian or originally Indian parent need an explanation .
  10. Additionally required documents for non-German nationals. An Extended Registration Certificate proving that you have resided in Germany for more than 24 months and have completed the supplementary form for non-German nationals .
  11. Additionally required documents for Afghan, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Pakistani, Nigerian, Somali, Iranian, Iraqi, stateless citizens and former.
  12. Applicants of Asian descent need a travel plan.
  13. Visa processing times
  14. fees

Failure to comply with the above points will result in the request for new documents, which may involve additional costs!

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