Bank transfer

Below you will find help for completing the SEPA transfer slip. It should make it easier for you to fill out the remittance slip correctly using pictures and help texts.

1. Name, first name / company of the payee 

2. IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the payee.

3. BIC (Business Identifier Code) of the credit institution / payment service provider of the payee. The BIC can be found on the payee’s invoice.

4. Enter the transfer amount always starting from the left. For the comma, if necessary, use a separate box.

5. Customer reference number in short form. Please enter the customer or invoice number specified on invoices. If the account holder and the principal are not identical, the name and address of the customer can be entered.

6. Your name, zip code and location. 

7. Your IBAN 

8. Date and signature. The date must remain legible to not affect the further processing! 

9. Your signature

The DEU no. is the number under which your application is stored in our system. Furthermore, the DEU no. important to be able to find your data via our tracking system.