General information

Dear India Travelers, please read the following information and click on “apply now” under point 18 to access the online application form:

01. Visit the online application form website and select from Indian Mission Germany-Hamburg or Germany-Frankfurt. (Assistance to the area of ​​responsibility)

02. Complete all fields in the online application and in case of doubt, use the translation provided by us. (Online application form help)

03. Use the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and Adobe Reader for the online application form.

04 . Before submitting, please note your application and passport number so that you can check your visa status.

05. The online application form is located on an Indian Government server in India and is trustworthy.

06. Filling out the online application form alone is not enough to get a visa. The application must be printed out and submitted in person or by post.

07. The online application form must be signed twice. The first signature in the box below the photo (The signature, must not leave the box provided), the second at the end of the application.

08. A photo request of the photo for download (Only a colored, biometric photo, format 5 x 5 cm, against a light background is required.) In addition to the head, the shoulders can also be seen on the photo.) Please note that these photos are not an own expression or a copy. Failure to comply may result in massive delays in issuing the visa.

09. To meet the difficulties in obtaining the photo for the application in the format 5x 5 cm, we offer you to make the photos in our house for the price of 10 € for 4 pieces.

10.  Please do not file your application more than two months before the planned trip, unless you are in one of the special arrangements, otherwise we will be forced to return your application unprocessed. In the case of a reason for the early application (world trip or similar), this must be credible by a letter.

11. The visa is valid from the day of issue.

12. Submitting an application outside our area of responsibility may result in the return and loss of fees.

13. Do not book a flight before the visa has been issued.

14. The issuance, duration, number of visa entries and the timely return of passports are the sole responsibility of the Indian General Consulate.

15. Once paid, consulate fees and services are non-refundable.

16. We only accept cash in the case of personal application and only transfer in the case of postal application.

17. Pickup can be either by a personal call or by a proxy. The authorized representative must be able to identify himself and submit the power of attorney given below . The collection can take place during the general opening hours of the responsible branch without appointment.

18. Damaged passports from outside and inside are not accepted by the Consulate General.

Apply Now … (You will be redirected to the Official Website of the Government of India.)